Alex Dings

Someone who wants to get more out of it.


Alex Dings

years old

Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Earth, Milkyway
Alex is a student and consultant at Eindhoven University of Technology.
It shows that he enjoys managing projects and providing feedback to projects managed by others.

Getting things done is what he does best.




Operational Director / Co-Founder

May 2015 - Present
Running day-to-day operations at BitSensor while mainly focussing on the development of startup BitSensor.

With BitSensor we use big data correlation and in-house developed efficient attack detection to create applications that learn to defend themselves.
Consulting the TU/e at multiple levels within the organisation. The consultancy is closely tied into the various jobs as a project manager. My consultancy provides a fresh view on long-struggling / ongoing projects.
As soon as I was legally allowed to work I started working at Linders Kwekerijen. Next to being in school I worked on weekends and during holidays.

Volunteer Work

Student Council Philips van Horne

Designer / General member support

November 2012 – July 2014
At the student council of the Philips van Horne I participated as a regular member with a few extra tasks. I regulated social-media, did all of the designwork and supported other members in their taskgroups.
At the Huis Van Nicolaas I managed some logistics changes and changes involving guest management. Furthermore I provided the charity with a newly designed website.


Technical University Eindhoven

Bachelor Software Science & Web Science
(Computer Science)

2014 - Present
Software Science teaches how to design software systems.
Web Science tries to fathom the technology of the internet and users, both from a technical perspective and based on the use of the internet.
  • Finished the propedeutische fase cum-laude for both specialisations.


High Tech Your Future

DSM, Sabic & Jet-Net a.o.

First Place Public Votes
April 2013
A competition whereby a futuristic ring was designed based on exciting technologies in their next stage of development. Thereby proving what is possible in the near future.

Best school paper cover

Nationale Schoolkrantdag

First Place
April 2011
A competition in which the new layout and cover I designed together with Stijn Zanders for our school paper (de Echo) was awarded with being the best.

TU/e contest

TU/e, ASML, Shell, ACE & Anderis a.o.

Best innovative idea - Second Place
April 2011
A competition organised by the TU/e in which the BitSensor team presented serious security issues to all jury member's companies with the product BitSensor as a solution.

IBM SmartCamp powered by LAUNCH!

IBM & Launch

Top 10 most promising start-ups
June 2015
IBM SmartCamp is one part mentoring bootcamp, one part networking extravaganza, and one part epic pitch competition between rising startups from around the globe. BitSensor was selected as a global winner.



Limited work skills
Basic Skills

Tools & Skills

Object Oriented Programming
Responsive Webdesign
Microsoft Office
Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint & Visio
Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign
Convincing people
Project Management
Innovation Management
Marketing Strategy

Certificates & Diplomas

The International Baccalaureate

M14 - English A Language and Literature - Higher Level
(CFR level C2)

August 2014
Succeeded in mastering the highest level IB program English. This implies having a native level of English speaking, writing and analysing.

Licence School Code: D006590 Candidate Code: 0004
Most profound project